2013 Calendar of Events
The Ins & Outs of St. Vincent & The Grenadines
Mayreau Regatta
Wed. 1st to Sun. 5th.
Canouan Regatta
Thu. 16th to Mon. 20th.
Boat races, sports and
games, calypso
competitions, street jump
and beauty pageants.
Contact: Mr. Carlos
McLaurean, Commodore,
Canouan Sailing Club at
Tel: (784) 458-8197
African Liberation Day
Celebrated with a March
and Rally, and schools are
invited to send
representation to the
Public Holidays
Labour Day (May Day) -
Wed. 1st
Whit Monday - 20th
Full Moon
Sat. 25th
Vincy Mas Celebrations
Sun. 30th to Tue. 9th July
Carnival preparations &
Rural Carnival Shows
(community organizations
and schools will be
organizing for the carnival
activities and there will be
presentation of the rural
carnival shows).
Vincy Mas festivities
include King and Queen of
the Bands, Junior Carnival,
Miss SVG, Miss Carnival,
Steel Band and Calypso
competitions and Old Mas
and Jouvert street parades.
For further details contact
the Carnival Development
Corporation Office at Tel:
Bequia Carnival
End of June, date TBA.
A delightfully informal and
spontaneous event.
Check with the Bequia
Tourism Office
Tel: (784) 458 3286
Full Moon
Sun. 23rd
Carnival Monday/J’ouvert
Mon. 8th - an early
morning street jump-up
with a satirical twist. T-shirt
bands participate in a
great street jump-up in the
afternoon and into the
Carnival Tuesday
Tue. 9th - Mardi Gras Mas
Bands parade on stage at
Carnival City (Victoria Park)
competing for the Band of
the Year Award and then
on to the streets of
Bequia Annual Fisherman’s
Day Competition
Sat. 13th - Contact: Bequia
Tourism Association, Tel:
Canouan Carnival
Contact: Mr. Carlos
McLaurean, Commodore,
Canouan Sailing Club at
Tel: (784) 458-8197
Public Holidays
Mon. 8th - Carnival Monday
Tue. 9th - Carnival Tuesday
Full Moon
Mon. 22nd
Emancipation Month
Emancipation Day
Thu. 1st - Events to
commemorate the
abolition of slavery.
Breadfruit Festival
Thu. 1st to Fri. 30th.
The month sees various
food fair presentations in
different parts of the
country. These showcase a
variety of dishes that can
be made from breadfruit.
There are also mini
exhibitions which explain
the potential uses of the
plant, from lumber and
function as toys, to
medicinal use. For further
info contact the Ministry of
Culture at Tel: (784) 451-
Public Holidays
Emancipation Day - Thu. 1st
Full Moon
Wed. 21st
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